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We have several ways to help authors get noticed and get more book sales. Features include on the blog, across our social channels, an email blast, on our YouTube channel, on our podcast, and more.

We can’t wait to connect further with you and support you in your author journey and with your book.

Featured Author of the Month


Apply to be an upcoming Featured Author of the Month.

Our featured authors get a prime spot on the blog, an interview, and a featured book review. You may choose whether to do a written interview, a guest appearance on our podcast, or both. 

All featured authors get promoted in our monthly printed newsletter: The Writer’s Times

We also shout out you and your book to our email community and via our social channels. 

*Slots are limited and not all applications are accepted. We base our selections on a range of factors so if your application is rejected, please know we love you and are still rooting for you to achieve your goals as an author. We will provide some recommended resources to help you in that goal.




Apply to Be Interviewed as a Guest on the 1 Minute Writing Tip Podcast


We love to feature and interview author guests on the 1 Minute Writing Tip podcast!

This is a weekly podcast to provide tips for aspiring authors on how to get clarity and overcome writer’s block, write and publish to bestseller, and how to achieve your long term author goals.

If you’re a published author, we’d love for you to come on and share what lessons you’ve learned and what insights you’ve gained along the writing and publishing process. Your experience is valuable!

We feature three author guests per month and we are looking for our next guests right now.

Episodes are pre-recorded and last 15-30 minutes, depending on where the discussion goes. We feature new podcast episodes on YouTube and across all podcast platforms to reach a range of listeners. Episodes are a fun, laid-back conversation around your journey as an author and your book and you’ll be invited to share any opt-ins or links to best connect with you. 

*Not all applications are accepted and we consider a variety of factors so if yours is rejected, please know we are still rooting for you.


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Apply to Get Your Book Reviewed and Featured


Book reviews are one of the critical factors in a book’s success and we want to help support you there.

When your book gets reviewed, we post an editorial you’re welcome to use wherever your book is available. This is posted on the blog and promoted to our email list as well as on our socials.

We will also post a review to Amazon or Goodreads, whichever you prefer. (This will always be an honest review and you will have the option to refuse the review being published if it’s less than 3 stars.)

We consider most genres with the exception of:


  • Erotica – Some tasteful scenes in your book are fine. If you’re not sure, please go ahead and apply and just mention how detailed it goes for further discussion.
  • Horror – Some material considered “paranormal” is usually okay, but we do not accept books with fear-invoking or demonic content. (For example, we don’t accept Steven King style books.)
  • Non-fiction books pushing agendas we do not endorse or believe in (if you’re not sure, ask.)


*Regardless of genre or topic, not all applications are accepted and we consider a variety of factors. If yours is rejected, please know we love all our fellow authors and are still rooting for you.


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