Have you ever felt the tug of a story within you, a book waiting to be written? Perhaps you’ve contemplated sharing your experiences or lessons, whether fiction or nonfiction, that could resonate and make a difference in someone’s life.

Now, more than ever, is the opportune moment to turn these aspirations into reality. In this blog, I’ll share three invaluable tips from recent podcast episodes to inspire and guide you on your writing journey.


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Seize the Opportunity of Change:

Consider this time of global transformation as your window to prioritize and refocus on your writing goals. If you’ve been harboring the desire to write a book but have been putting it off, now is the moment to take action. Whether it’s a nonfiction piece offering valuable lessons or a captivating fiction adventure, your story has the potential to impact someone’s life in ways you may never have imagined. Embrace this unique moment, challenge yourself, and let your words flow onto the pages.


Reignite Your Passion:

If you find yourself stuck with one idea for an extended period, it’s time to reconnect with the emotional core of your writing. Writing is a vulnerable and emotional process, often fueled by a deep-seated desire for accomplishment and leaving a lasting legacy. Take a moment to reflect on why you started writing this book in the first place. What does its completion mean to you? Reconnecting with these emotions can breathe new life into your work, inspiring fresh ideas and reigniting the passion that initially sparked your writing journey.


Overcoming Distractions as a Writer and Parent:

Parenting brings its own set of challenges, especially when juggling writing aspirations amid distractions. Drawing from personal experience, I successfully navigated this balance while working full time, attending college classes, and raising my own children. The key is intentional time management. Identify periods of quiet or reduced distractions, perhaps after the children are in bed, and dedicate that time exclusively to your writing. Be deliberate in protecting this allocated time, ensuring it becomes a sacred space for your creativity.


Embark on your writing journey with confidence, inspired by the belief that your words can make a profound difference. If you’re seeking additional guidance or want to conquer the blocks hindering your author goals, visit WeWriteBooks.com for more training and support.

Don’t let fear or distractions hold you back. Your book has the power to change lives, starting with your own.




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